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Terrell Soccer Association

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What time do I check in my team on tournament day?
A. You have to check in your team an hour prior to your first game.

Q. What does the coach need to bring at team check in?
A. Copy of signed roster, medical release forms for all players, coaches card, guest player release forms, and if you have a U10 and above team then you will 5 copies of compelted misconduct reports.

Q. Why do I need 5 copies of completed misconduct reports? (only U10 & above teams are required to provide)
A. The misconduct report are turned into the referrees at each game. Each team is guaranteed 3 games however, if you make it to the playoffs and then the final games you could play up to 5 games. The misconduct reports are compared to your rosters at check in.

Q. What is a guest player release form?
A. If your team has  guest player they must have a guest player release form signed by the parent of the player, the releasing coach of the player, the receiving coach of the player and from the president of the association the player is from. All these signatures are on the same form.

Q. If I have a guest player and do not have a guest player release form can this player play on my team during the tournament?
A. No

Q. What if I am missing a signature on the guest player release form can this player plan on my tea during the tournament?
A. No

Q. Can an Academy player be a guest player on a recreational team?
A. Yes, if the academy player is also registered as a recreational player through North Texas.

Q. What if the Academy player is only registered as an Academy player, can the player be a guest player on a recreational team?
A. No, the Academy must be registered as a recreational player. The Academy player must contact their local association registrar and be registered as a recereational player. A recreational registration number will be assigned and the guest player guest player release form will be completed as a recreational player.

Q. Can a player that is playing in regular season play up an age bracket as a guest player in their true age bracket?
A. Yes, they can.

Q. Can I bring a grill to the park?
A. Yes